A History of First Baptist Church Stained Glass Windows

The church was built in 1909.  We have all the church minutes leading up to the time, when a building committee was appointed.  They later reported that they had done their job and the building was ready to use.  We have none of their notes, so we do not know where the windows came from.

It was reported to me by an elderly member that the windows were purchased, made, and shipped directly from Italy.  Italy was well known at that time for their stained glass works.  But that is only a second hand report with no way to follow up on it.  It was also told to me by and early old timer that the Women's Sunday School Class took that on as a project and paid for the windows.  Again there is no way to verify that or to know how much they cost.

The insurance company considers them not replaceable.  In the seventies, we had quite a a bit of damage to the windows from BBs and rocks.  One Sunday morning we found a rock lying in the parlor and the hand of the "Sower" in pieces on the floor.  We had to hire a company out of the East to repair the damage and to place Lexan over the outside to prevent further vandalism.

The windows have been lighted from the inside every evening since 1963

Reverend Harry Granger



Jesus and Children

Some people were bringing their small children to Jesus.  The wanted Jesus to touch the children.  But His followers told the people to go away.  When Jesus saw this, it make Him unhappy.  He said to His followers, "Let the children come to me.  Don't stop them.  God's kingdom belongs to people who are like these little children."

Then He said. "You must accept God's kingdom as a child accepts things.  If you don't, you will never get in."  Then Jesus took the the children in His arms.  He put His hands on them and blessed them.  Jesus loves children.

Mark 10:13-16

International Children's Story Bible

The Sower of Seed

Jesus liked to tell the people stories.  His stories had special meanings.  One day, He told this story:

"Once there was a farmer.  He went to his field to plant seeds.  He scattered the seeds here and there.  How some of the seeds fell on the path.  The birds flew down and ate those seeds.  Some of the seeds fell on rocky dirt.  They sprouted, but there were too many rocks.  The roots could not grow and get water.  So when the sun grew hot on them, they died.  Some seeds fell where there were weeds.  The seeds seeds sprouted, but the weeds grew bigger and crowded them out.  Other seeds fell into good dirt.  There were not weeds or rocks.  The settled deep into the dirt where not birds could get them.  And they grew and grew and grew."

The people wondered about this story.  "What does it mean?" they asked Jesus.

And Jesus told them. "The seed is the news about God.  The birds and weeds and rocks are like some people's hearts.  They hear God's word, but they have their hearts on other things.  The do not understand.  They do not love God and follow Him.  But the good dirt is like the hearts of people who do understand.  They love God.  God's love grows in their hearts like a beautiful, healthy plant."

Matthew 13

The Good Shepherd

Many sinners came to hear Jesus preach.  The religious leaders complained, "Look! Jesus welcomes sinners and even eats with them."

So Jesus told the story:  "Suppose a man had 100 sheep, but one got lost.  He would leave the 99 sheep alone and go look for the lost one.  He would keep searching until he found the sheep.  And when he found it, he would be very happy.  He would say to his friends and neighbors, "Be happy with me.  I have found my lost sheep!"  In the same way, there is much joy in heaven when one sinner changes his heart.  The other 99 don't need to change."

Luke 15:1-7

International Children's Story Bible

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